The RETURN!!!!!!! 

Roll out the red carpet, cue the trumpets, release the doves and get ready to witness the magnificence that is the 2018 Kings of Poetry lineup! Pulling legends from all over the country these heavy hitters of the poetry game are GUARANTEED to leave your jaw dropped, your mind racing and your soul full. Complete with empowerment, and Jacksonville's own Moses West as your host you CAN'T miss this show. Come pay homage to DA KANGS!!

- Saturday, Sept 15th
- B&SUN Art Gallery (2422 Myrtle Ave, Jacksonville)
- Tickets $15
- Contact Moses West for your tickets!

Presenting you 2018 poetry kings:

John Lacarbiere III:
John Lacarbiere is a spoken word artist and School Dean in New Orleans, LA. John is not only a great artist known for hosting poetry events and elevating the art of Erotic Poetry, but he is also heavily involved in his community and he was very instrumental in the removal of Confederate general statues in New Orleans.

Thierry Lundy:
Trained in the craft of acting, Thierry incorporates acting techniques into the spoken word craft to help the audience members see what he is saying. Touching audience members in a deep place he has been known to bring people to tears. After writing for 5 years, Lundy's memoir "It Is Finished" is finally published. In this memoir, Lundy conveys to others the existence and goodness of an all-knowing God. Lundy also is passionate about encouraging and mentoring young men and women that God places in his path. He is the crossroad of comedy, art, and inspiration.

Walter Wally B. Jennings:
Wally B is a spoken word artist and youth poetry coach out of Tampa, FL. His poetry is relatable and heartwarming. He has been a friend and mentor to me for over 10 years. He is the same person on stage that he is off stage. One of the genuine and consistent performers in the world of Poetry. And an original member of very 1st Kings Of Poetry class of 2009. 

Keith Rodgers:
The Godfather, The Creator, The Architect, The Designer and Founder of the world’s biggest, most influential Poetry Troupe. This man has always been a giver to the entire poetry community. He raised hundreds of poets taught them how to hustle and use their talents to make the world a better place. His comedic poetry style and quick wit on the mic often gets overlooked for the simple fact the always puts others before himself. September 15th we will see him get a chance to simply be an artist. 

Steve Sanders:
This brother is not yet a household name being that it’s so hard to get him out of South Florida. But he has just as much Talent, Passion, and Will as the rest of the roster. A teacher and chef from Miami, FL that tells real-life stories on the mic. He’s a regular person from the street that changed his life and learned to put his experience into writing. With stories that range from Love and Pain to Parenting and Autism, he captures audiences with his testimony. (He’s also an overly-protective friend).

Dennis Amadeus:
Last but DEFINITELY not least I would like to welcome a brother who has who was instrumental in making Kings of Poetry come together. A brother who wants to use this platform to make the world a better place. A brother who fights for what he believes in. A brother that I’ve seen leave it all on the stage every single time he steps to a microphone.